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Connecting Building Owners with Roofing Contractors, Suppliers & Maunfacturers
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Design & Bidding Condition Management System Web Design & Hosting Services
We are your one stop resource for designing and bidding your next commercial roofing project We connect Building Owners with roofing contractors and suppliers in a unique way that saves our customers both time and money. More Info ...

Design & Bid

Building Owners to Save Time & Money on your next Commercial Roofing Project!
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Contractors to bid projects in your area!
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Contractors need to advertise their services and make Building Owners aware of the quality of their work. Available is a FREE set of tools to design your company new web site. It requires no programming, just enter your company's information and customize your web site to the image and message you wish to portray. More Info ...

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Manufacturer distributors and manufacturers!
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Contractors get your price from
Manufacturer distributors and manufacturers!
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    If you need a web site go to and checkout the services.

    We have web packages starting at $495 per year.

    We will:

    1. Register your web site domain
    2. Setup you email accounts
    3. Host your web site
    4. Optimize and submit you web site to the search engines
    5. Promote your web site
    6. Setup Google Adsense
    7. Add e-commerce where needed

    List of web pages you may need:

    1. About Us
    2. Affiliation & Association
    3. Appointments
    4. Articles & Publications
    5. Billing/Insurance
    6. Bio
    7. Contact Us
    8. Education
    9. Emergency Response
    10. Employment Opportunities
    11. Estimate Requests
    12. FAQ
    13. Glossary of Terms
    14. Inspection
    15. Insurance
    16. Links
    17. Locations
    18. Maunfacturers List
    19. Newsletter
    20. Office Calendar
    21. Our Clients
    22. Policies
    23. Preventative Maintenance
    24. Privacy & Disclaimer
    25. Projects List
    26. Repairs, Requests & Estimates
    27. Roof Types
    28. Safety
    29. Shopping Cart/Checkout
    30. Testimonials
    31. Warranty

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