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Connecting Building Owners with Roofing Contractors, Suppliers & Maunfacturers
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Welcome to Design and Bidding System
We are your one stop resource for designing and bidding your next commercial roofing project We connect Building Owners with roofing contractors and suppliers in a unique way that saves our customers both time and money.

We will save the Building Owner time and money by delivering:

  • A professional project package that includes all the necessary information for a roofing contractor to bid your project from our website.
  • Extremely competitive bidding from roofing contractors that meet your company's minimum requirements to bid.
  • Competitive bidding from material suppliers and related roofing services to the roofing contractor.
  • An enforceable document that makes both the roofing contractor accountable and provides the means to get a quality roof installation.
  • Reduced change order opportunities.
  • A bid process that will keep your regular roofer competitive
  • A bid process that eliminates the conflicting "sales pitch" from roofing contractors, material suppliers, and industry consultants.
  • A bid process that can actually pay for itself.
  • For a one time nominal fee we provide a complete project package that includes:

  • A site visit to examine current roof and site conditions.
  • Initial system selection and design consultation.
  • Roof drawings.
  • Construction details to include custom detail's where needed.
  • Roof photographs.
  • Detailed specifications.
  • Addendum to answer contractor questions.
  • Bid forms.
  • Summary of bid results.
  • Competitive bids for construction administration if requested.
  • We Make Commercial Roof Design Affordable for Every Building Owner!

    At, We Can Grow Your Business!
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